MEX Notes: BBC News – Creating Cumbria’s musical hill

  • BBC News – Creating Cumbria's musical hill – Pierre Sauvageot's installation of musical instruments on a windy hill in the English Lake District asks whether the environment itself can be a conductor. It got me thinking about some of the themes we explored at MEX in May 2011 in Pathway #8 (new forms of creative expression) and Pathway #9 (enhancing the audible dimension of user experience). Alluding to the age of the iPod and pervasive digital music, Sauvageot explains his motivations for the art work: "We have more and more music. We have music everywhere. We have music in the lift, we have music in the car and we did not listen more. Music is where you hear. When you listen, if you stop and you just listen to the sea on the seaside, it is quite beautiful.

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