MEX Notes: DoCoMo sells 20 million of Raku Raku easy phones

  • DoCoMo sells 20 million of Raku Raku easy phones – DoCoMo's range of handsets has often defined the cutting edge of mobile technology, with those outside Japan amazed and baffled in equal measure by the seemingly arcane features provided. However, DoCoMo was also one of the first operators to introduce a set of products designed specifically for those who wanted a simpler user experience, with a focus on just 3 command buttons and large character displays. The Raku-Raku phones (raku meaning easy to use) have been on sale since October 1999 and DoCoMo recently sold the 20 millionth handset. Of particular note is DoCoMo's understanding of how far the user experience extends beyond the handset, pairing the Raku Raku hardware with simple to use versions of the Deco-mail picture messaging service and even a one touch button which connects to a dedicated Raku Raku support line.

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