MEX Notes: Gestures appropriate to context

  • Source article: Gestures appropriate to context
  • MEX note: This article from Engadget has a very interesting video at the bottom of the page. Take a look at the touch gestures the demonstrator is using to control the navigation application on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Now have a think about how easy it is to swipe and pinch the screen of your phone while driving? This is an interface which has been designed for the wrong context of use: it works fine when the device is held in the hand, but the majority of in-car users will be docking their devices into a cradle and looking for large, easy to select buttons on the screen. Gestures which require higher degrees of motor control – e.g. swiping from a specific place or a two finger pinch – are unsuited to partial attention contexts and environments where there is a lot of motion.

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