MEX Notes: A surprising snapshot of the UK’s most used mobile services

  • GSMA Mobile Media Metrics Report Issued on UK Mobile Applications Usage — LONDON, June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — – These data provide insight into the actual usage trends among the UK population, using anonymised data sourced direct from operator logs. Also, they take a 'service level' view of apps, combining access across both native apps and services through the web browser. I was surprised to see Google Maps ranking higher than Facebook, but this number is perhaps best explained by the dominance of iOS (65% of tracked users) – which comes with Google Maps pre-installed. Another surprise was WhatsApp, the messaging tool which identifies users by their phone number to provide a free IM platform. It has about a third of the total number of Facebook users, a remarkably high figure given the relatively low public profile of the company.

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