MEX Notes: Google plays catch-up with offline mapping

  • New Google Maps Mobile App Offers Downloadable Maps For Offline Navigation – Google Maps may be the most frequently used mobile service in the UK (see yesterday's post on ComScore's stats), but the user experience is compromised by the requirement for a data connection. This is one area where Nokia's Symbian devices have a significant user experience advantage: they are equipped with offline maps with fully searchable, turn-by-turn navigation as a standard feature. Given that mapping is frequently at its most useful in foreign countries, where data roaming is expensive, this capability is highly prized by Symbian users. In the last week alone, I have used it to navigate in 3 different countries, without incurring any roaming costs. Google's new feature, which lacks navigation or even the ability to search, is just a small step towards catching up. It will need to improve further.

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