MEX Notes: Silence by Tadao Ando and Blair Associates (Dezeen)

  • Silence by Tadao Ando and Blair Associates (Dezeen) – In a world where an ever growing number of digital interfaces shout for our attention, what is the role of quiet design? This piece of London street furniture serves no purpose but the aesthetic, unless perhaps to mark the passing of time as a silent, ephemeral clock. However, for those who walk past it each day, it will no doubt inspire emotion and, for many, enhance their stroll. Are these not the ingredients of good experience? The lessons of quiet design are becoming more and more relevant to digital interface designers, both within individual devices and especially when the interface is distributed across multiple touchpoints. Recent concept work by BERG has explored some interesting possibilities in this area, while users of Nokia's Symbian 3 devices can try a practical example with the beta release of 'Sleeping Screen'. Look for a future MEX Pathway on this theme.

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