MEX Notes: Verizon to eliminate unlimited data plans

  • Verizon to eliminate unlimited data plans – Following AT&T's earlier move, Verizon is the latest US operator to introduce a 2 Gb data cap in place of previously 'unlimited' tariffs and start per Gb charging for customers who exceed these limits. We've been looking at this issue in MEX Pathway #1 for some time now, exploring the impact of data caps and metered pricing on user experience design. Put simply, in the age of network austerity, all service providers need to design experiences which are 'gentle on the network'. Remember, more bytes doesn't mean better experience – good UX practice combines technical and visual design skills to minimise network traffic. Indeed, operators would do well to incentivise those developers who create the most efficient services. Which operator will be the first to offer favourable revenue share terms to developers who meet certain network efficiency targets, without compromising UX?

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