MEX on TelecomTV

MEX on TelecomTV

MEX on TelecomTV. Click for video…

TelecomTV’s flagship Newsdesk programme featured a segment on the 2009 MEX Mobile User Experience Conference and Awards last week. TelecomTV’s Leila Makki interviewed MEX Mobile User Experience Innovator of the Year Aaron Rustill, the Northumbria University student who won the top MEX Award with his Digitag entry. Also featured was Marko Balabanovic, Head of Innovation at Labs, which won the Commercial category with ‘nru‘ (pronounced ‘near you’), a digital compass application with a physical movement interface for discovering points of interest when you’re out and about.

Watch the video here (the MEX segment starts from 1 min 45 seconds in).

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    MEX – the strategy forum for mobile user experience – Simultaneous multi-person user interfaces (SMUIs)

    […] Asynchronous usage is a relatively simple concept to design for: it is easy to imagine tablets supporting multiple user profiles, ensuring the device presents each individual with their own set of apps, preferences and content. Indeed, a similar concept – Digitag – from designer Aaron Rustill was voted MEX Innovator of the Year back in 2009, and subsequently featured on TelecomTV. […]

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