MEX Pathway #1: Define more efficient user experience techniques for an age of network austerity

  1. Why is the efficiency of mobile services becoming more important despite advances in network capacity, processors and resources? Where are the pain points in the age of network austerity?
  2. How do we avoid compromising essential aspects of the user experience in the drive for improved efficiency?
  3. How can we gain efficiency across information architecture, technical implementation and visual design?

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    Dave Marutiak

    One of the pain points that we’ll still have when it comes to LTE is the limited number of simultaneous users on a given cell sector/site. Although the numbers increase over UMTS, the longer holding times for users downloading more or viewing more or just interacting more will still cause conflicts in neighborhoods or apartments, etc.

    Intermediate interactivity (ala AJAX principles) helps keep the user busy in some scenarios, but doesn’t help in streaming scenarios, etc.

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    Marek Pawlowski

    Aside from streaming, are there particular types of application which cause the most problems in this environment?

    How do you typically fix it at Vodafone? Adding more capacity to the cell, trying to throttle usage by the heaviest users?

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