MEX Travel Info: we’ll have a warm welcome waiting for you

In view of the snowfall in some parts of the UK today, we are sending out a travel update to confirm everything is ready for MEX tomorrow (30th November 2010) and the event will go ahead as planned, with registration at 08:30 and the first session at 09:00. London has no snow at the moment and remains fully open. We will have a warm welcome waiting for you and plenty of hot drinks.

If you experience any travel difficulties, please let us know by SMS using the numbers below and we’ll do everything we can to assist your journey:

Marek Pawlowski +44 7767 622957
Norbert Metzner +49 151 42654342

Rest assured, we will monitor the weather and transport conditions during the 2 days of the MEX event. We have a great support team at the venue to help ensure you have a smooth journey home if any difficulties were to arise.

Useful links:

Transport for London –
Heathrow Express –
The MET Office –

Marek Pawlowski
PMN – Mobile Industry Intelligence
Mobile: +44 7767 622957
Skype: mjpawlowski


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