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XL CommunicationsWe’re delighted to be working with XL Communications again to support members of the media at MEX. We invited Chris Bignell, Director of XL, to explain the relationship:

The MEX Conference holds a special place for XL Communications. Two years ago it took place in the week that XL launched its business and last year XL was proud to provide PR support to MEX. XL is delighted to be working with MEX again in 2009 as PR and press partners.

Members of the MEX community and delegates to the conference know that MEX is a different kind of event. It is an opportunity to network with the industry in the right environment to get business done. It is a chance to stretch minds and collaborate.

XL Communications is a different kind of PR company. We believe it is important to take a partnership approach that focuses on a client’s business objectives and builds campaigns to help achieve these.

XL likes to be an extension of a client’s in house capability, often working from clients’ offices, so we can understand their business and key issues more clearly, and build more effective programmes with the media. We take a collaborative approach and are honest and pragmatic with our consultancy.

Our consultants have experience of both in house PR roles and consultancy. Senior consultants have worked in mobile and internet technologies since 1991, providing business and consumer press profile to a mix of well known names and fast growing companies in the mobile arena. Many clients have a close focus on User Experience issues.

Chris Bignell, Director of XL Communications feels the close partnership with MEX has been valuable. “The growth in services available through a mobile phone has to be matched by improvements in usability. Discerning customers have more choices than ever. They also have access to more opinion on the value of a particular product or service than they have ever had in the past. So much of that opinion is based on first impressions around usability and these can quickly spread across the internet to set a perceived view of a product or service very quickly.

“Mass advertising no longer shapes people’s views on a product and service and PR can help to shape that more effectively in the digital age. But if a product or service does not deliver a meaningful and compelling user experience out of the box – if it does not engage the user from the outset – that job becomes much harder. This is why User Experience is important to our work. It has been great to see User Experience issues moving up the agenda in mobile, thanks in a good part to the MEX conferences.”

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