MEX15: Under the skin of user experience | 24th – 25th March 2015

MEX15: Under the skin of user experience | 24th – 25th March 2015

On 24th – 25th March, 100 of the brightest strategic thinkers & skilled practitioners convene in London for the 15th edition of MEX.

Our theme is ‘Under the skin of user experience’ – literally – as we seek to illuminate the new design challenges the industry faces as digital technology becomes pervasive, invisible and woven into the fabric of existence. Metaphorically, too, we delve beneath the surface to address questions unanswered in other forums, drawing on a deep well of 19 years of in-house MEX research and employing the unique MEX format to tap the knowledge of our expert participant community.

A ticket (£1499) not only provides access to the event, but also the MEX archive of insights and previous speaker videos, a complete post-event summary package and a lifelong network of MEX pioneers.

Secure your place by registering today or contact me if you’d like to become a sponsor.


  • Understanding user modes as the building blocks of successful digital design.
  • Multi-touchpoint experiences: building connected services to be greater than the sum of their parts.
  • Robotics and drones: the changing requirements of user experience as the machines start to move around us.
  • Bridging the digital and physical worlds: transacting with the world through digital experiences.
  • Balancing immersive and ambient interfaces to make digital engagement feel more natural.
  • Understanding behavioural nuances: seeing subtleties, what users aren’t telling you and why what we say rarely matches what we do.
  • Driving design decisions through user insight: connecting user insight with actionable, meaningful change.
  • Discovering new models for consuming information beyond the evolutionary formats of magazines, videos and conversations.
  • Redesigning the experience of location with new forms of mapping and interpreting humans’ relationship with space.



3 creative leaders define their visions for user experience in 2020


10 speakers on designing for user modes across mobile, wearables, tablets and more.


4 x 15 minute lightning sessions sharing the latest user research techniques from academia


6 workshops and facilitated skills sharing to improve strategic thinking and practical methods

Experimental problem solving methods using physical objects


Meet a lifelong community of fellow pioneers in a uniquely relaxing venue

  • Principles
  • Question everything
  • Look beneath the surface
  • Contribute and be rewarded
  • Learn by doing
  • Join a lifelong community

“…it was world class and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it. I had so many informative conversations…I credit this entirely to the way the event was run.”

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