Mobile driving other digital experiences, hitting print media

MEX alumnus and 2010 MEX Awards judge David Marutiak sent in a link to a user study by Orange on mobile media habits in the UK, France, Spain and Poland.

The study found mobile media users in the UK are reading fewer newspapers and magazines, while increasing the amount of time they spend using their PC and TVs. It points to the growing role of mobile devices at the heart of users’ digital experience, a trend we’ll be looking at in detail as part of MEX Pathway #2, entitled ‘Research the implications of supporting more than one screen from a single device‘ at the next MEX event on 30 Nov – 01 Dec in London.

Here’s the quote from the report:

“Currently, mobile is negatively impacting print media, with 16 per cent of mobile media users in the UK stating they read fewer magazines and 14 per cent stating they read fewer newspapers; this trend is likely to continue as more consumers use smartphones and tablet devices. Internet use is, however, positively impacted with PC browsing increasing for 25 per cent of respondents and television increasing for 14 per cent. As interactive programming increases, television broadcasters have the most to gain from engaging with mobile media users. The data also shows how the mobile plays a role as an extension of PC access to media. 40 per cent of European mobile media users will quickly check info on their
mobile, before further investigating the same information when they are back at their PC.”

Download the full version from the Orange Exposure site.

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