MobileWise announces first manufacturing partner

MobileWise has announced that Acer will be the first manufacturing partner for its wireless power solution. The Silicon Valley startup has developed a direct current (DC) base station which charges compatible devices when they are brought into contact.

The solution uses a chipset integrated into the mobile device, a set of contacts on the exterior of the device and a flat base station, similar to a mouse mat, which is covered in tiny electric contacts. It does not use RF or another other form of radiation, ensuring it does not cause interferrence with other electronic products.

MobileWise claims its base station will be unaffected by liquid spills, metal or magnetic objects. The same base can be used to power and charge several products, such as laptops, mobile phones and PDAs, simultaneously.

“Acer will be the first to deliver a mobile PC that offers true mobility, added-value, and ease of use to customers;” said Arif Maskatia, VP & CTO of Acer Inc. “Safe wire-free electricity is something the market has been waiting for, and Acer once again proves its leading position.”

“The mobile devices of tomorrow will be recharged and powered with no need for power adapters, chargers and cords,” said MobileWise CEO Andy Goren. “Acer’s readiness to implement safe wire-free electricity technology will help mobile professionals cut the last cord. The value-add of MobileWise technology will help Acer maintain its competitive edge.”


MobileWise has finally taken the wraps off its highly anticipated ‘wireless’ power technology. Of course, no one has yet perfected the art of delivering safe power through thin air, but MobileWise’s solution could help remove the growing tangle of cables, cradles and chargers from desks around the world.

Combined with a short range wireless communications technology such as Bluetooth, MobileWise-enabled products will be able to charge and exchange information without ever establishing a physical connection to a desktop PC. This certainly represents progress.

Acer is a high profile first customer, no doubt enticed by MobileWise’s Asia-focused venture capitalists, but the speed of adoption will obviously depend on the pricing of MobileWise chipsets. The solution requires two chips (one in the device and one in the base station) and custom hardware integration. It is unlikely, therefore, that it will be inexpensive enough for inclusion in mass-market devices such as mobile phones for some time. Expect to see adoption in laptops, then PDAs and maybe mobiles in a couple of years.

Originally published by PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence, the subscription-based analysis and insight platform founded by Marek Pawlowski.

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