Most popular design podcasts of 2016

Most popular design podcasts of 2016

When Alex, Patrizia and I launched the MEX podcast in February 2016, we begun with a notion: an ongoing conversation with our diverse community about how to design better digital experiences.  However, we could not have anticipated it would lead to such a wealth of interesting guests, themes and explorations.

In 11 months we have:

  1. Published 25 episodes and over 27 hours of design discussion to listeners in 66 countries
  2. Interviewed 18 pioneering design thinkers with a broad range of perspectives
  3. Created 3 special field trip episodes including: visiting Tigerspike’s VR studio, recording with a live audience at the MEX/16 conference and exploring The Central Research Laboratory.
  4. Shared 25 pages of show notes, including links, quotes, photos and videos to augment each episode
  5. Covered 20 themes ranging from designing trusted experiences, building for creativity, employing artificial intelligence, achieving accessibility and conducting design due diligence

Our most popular 11 episodes (in order) of 2016 were:

  1. Summary from the MEX/16 conference
  2. Intelligent surroundings; Patrizia Bertini; Little faces, big screens
  3. Artificial intelligence; Nathan Benaich, Partner, Playfair Capital
  4. Automotive UX; Parrish Hanna, Global Director, Interaction & Ergonomics, Ford
  5. Virtual, augmented & mixed reality; Greg Taylor, General Manager of Tigerspike Next
  6. Experiencing virtual reality & HTC Vive special edition
  7. Micro expressions in user research; Aaron Garner, Emotional Intelligence Academy
  8. Frameworks for UX; Abhishek Gupta, UX Director, Lumosity
  9. Inclusive design; Neil Milliken, Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion, Atos
  10. Robot UX; Louisa Heinrich, Superhuman & Designtalent; FaceTime real world
  11. Health UX; user stories from the MEX team

What’s next & how to get involved

  • MEX Design Talk continues with new editions every 2 weeks
  • There’s already a full archive of previous MEX Design Talk episodes to enjoy
  • Subscribe for future editions by searching ‘MEX Design Talk’ in your favourite podcast player. We’re also on iTunes and SoundCloud.  For the old school, here’s our RSS feed
  • If you enjoy MEX Design Talk, please help others discover the podcast by giving us a 5 star rating and a review on iTunes
  • We’re excited about our programme of new interviews and are always interested to hear from those who’d like to come on as guests – drop us a line @mexfeed on Twitter or email

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