Movidius highlights complete 3D UX

3D on mobile devices is about more than just display technology. A good 3D user experience requires input technologies and content creation tools to advance in parallel with the screen.

For instance, new ways of navigating visual depth on mobile devices will only be possible when a 3D display is paired with a 3D control system, such as a pressure-sensitive touchscreen or a paired handheld control which tracks movement in 3D space. Similarly, the limited amount of professional 3D content will need to be supplemented by user generated images and videos, requiring devices to feature a 3D-capable image capture mechanism.

Chip designer Movidius is claiming it is the first to offer a complete platform for 3D display and capture, optimised for mobile devices. The MA1133 supports dual 5 megapixel cameras, enabling stereo recording of 720p HD video for generating 3D movies. It can also playback 720p HD video in 3D on dual layer displays, which allow a 3D viewing experience without the need for special glasses.

Pathway #4 at the next MEX on 30 Nov – 01 Dec is entitled: ‘Identify ways 3D can enrich the user experience with visual depth‘.

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