Multi-touchpoint content isn’t yet primetime

The first generation of multi-touchpoint digital experiences has been about sharing content between screens. Apple’s AirPlay, for instance, allows users to send a video from their iPhone to an Apple TV-equipped big screen display. In Pathway #2, MEX goes further by exploring how the principles of diffused design enable all of the digital touchpoints in a user’s life to combine into an overall experience greater than the sum of its parts. However, while we stand on the cusp of this next generation, it is worth remembering the first iteration of these services still suffers from basic user experience problems, like lag. Here’s The Verge’s review of HTC’s Media Link HD, an AirPlay competitor, which concludes: “Overall, this isn’t AirPlay: performance is weaker and it’s not as easy to use once you’re set up.” A case of running before you can walk?

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