NFC and user experience at point-of-sale

Our series of Brunel picks continues, with a video selected by Michael Stanley. Each of the Brunel designers taking part at MEX on 4th/5th May 2011 is contributing ideas to help stimulate new thinking around the MEX Pathways. At the event, the designers will help the Pathway teams to think creatively and visualise their ideas.

Stanley explained why he chose this video: “I remember seeing this a few weeks ago and found it more interesting than a polished promotional video. It shows exactly how easy the system is to use.

“I’ve become really interested in NFC technology and when Nokia stated all their 2011 smartphones would be NFC-enabled, I thought this would be the future of money (although I realise they may have retreated from this with the New E6 & X7 not appearing to feature the NFC chip).

“I know there have been previous attempts to find ways to pay with your mobile before, with the iPhone 3GS and Visa, as well as various other companies. Apple are working with Benjamin Vigier as part of their future e-commerce plans.

I see the mobile becoming an inclusive tool when you are shopping, hence my major project [Stanley is working on a smartphone application to make sustainability information available at the point of purchase]. As we know, a smartphone is much more than a communication device and if it ultimately becomes your new wallet it becomes intrinsic in the shopping experience. I guess my point being, the expression ‘Plastic is a girl’s best friend’ may well become, ‘A smartphone is a girl’s best friend’!”

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