Nokia Beta Labs trials new ‘Bubbles’ UI concept

The application displays missed calls, new messages and a range of other functions as bubbles floating on the unlock screen. To jump directly into the relevant action, the user drags the bubble onto the unlock symbol. Other bubbles include the ability to display your current location in Ovi Maps, activate the flashlight function or create a new message or call to one of your 3 most popular contacts.

The concept of active unlock screens has been around for some time, with Android devices featuring various implementations. However, this application from Nokia Beta Labs is the most effective version I’ve seen so far.

It is currently in its early stages, but can be downloaded as a trial by customers with a compatible device. It will be interesting to watch if Nokia introduces this as a core feature in future products.

Imagine the possibilities if it were extended to a multi-screen architecture? Your friend sends you a video while you’re sitting on the sofa watching TV. It appears as a bubble on the unlock screen and to view it on your home cinema display, you drag the new bubble to the TV icon.

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