Observations on the rise of the Asian mega-city

Ben King contribues the latest of our Brunel Picks in the run-up to MEX: a June 2011 BBC article by Thomas J Campanella, author of ‘The Concrete Jungle: China’s Urban Revolution and What It Means for the World’.

Ben studied in China as part of his course at Brunel and comments: “It communicates the staggering statistics on the urbanisation and growth of China.”

China, of course, is the world’s largest mobile telecoms market and remains one of the fastest growing. The article is a good example of the tertiary trends research which can help inform design decisions and guide overall product strategy for digital industry.

The MEX blog is featuring ideas, images and videos selected by the designers at Brunel University in the build-up to the next MEX event on 30th November/1st December 2011.

Each breakout team at MEX is supported by a pair of Brunel designers, who work with the team’s facilitator to inject new thoughts and help the group to visualise ideas for their final presentation. The involvement of Brunel’s designers continues a thriving partnership between MEX and Brunel, which has seen the students contributing their design skills and fresh creative spirit to several previous MEX events, while building relationships with and learning from the industry pioneers in the MEX community.

The Brunel designers were asked to share a single item which has been inspirational to them, with no limitation on the industry it was sourced from or its subject matter.

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