One small swipe

One small swipe

Continuing the MEX series examining interactions which influence user experience, here’s an example of how seemingly small nuances can make all the difference.

Swiping to delete email on Accompli for iOS

“…you only have to swipe your thumb halfway across the screen to incur the delete option, compared to three-quarters of the screen with Mailbox. If you have shorter fingers like me, you’ll understand why that’s awesome.”

— Andy Bowen, Engadget’s review of Accompli, May 2014

The quote shows how even tiny differences in interaction design can influence users’ overall experience. In this case, the reviewer highlights how the shorter swipe distance required to delete an email in the Accompli app on iOS is a major differentiator for him versus the competing Mailbox app.

To put this in perspective, the physical difference between swiping half-way across the screen versus three quarters of the way on the reviewer’s iPhone 4S is just 0.75 inches. However, he marks this out as significant point of competitive differentiation alongside the app’s major headline features, like the ability to swap between panes showing email, calendar and contacts in the same app.

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