Orange selects Antepo for instant messaging

Orange is to work with Antepo to deploy an instant messaging solution across its portfolio of networks. Users will be able to access the instant messaging system from SMS, WAP, J2ME, Pocket PC, web and desktop interfaces.

Antepo’s ACCEPT product is Jabber-compliant, using XMPP to communicate with most presence-based messaging systems worldwide. The company will also undertake integration with Orange’s existing messaging systems to create a globally-branded Orange Messenger service.

“Instant messaging is a key initiative within Orange,” Andreas Waber, Director of Products and Services at Orange Communications, says. “Antepo’s ACCEPT has the perfect match with our expectations: a solution compliant with group requirements, while capable of integrating with our local legacy systems.” Maxime Seguineau, Chairman and CEO of Antepo, added: “Orange’s choice marks a key achievement for Antepo and further consolidates our leadership in the marketplace. It establishes our ability to provide carrier-grade messaging solutions that meet demanding requirements for both quality and close integration with key resources such as web services, user directories, location, provisioning, billing and monitoring. We take pride in the confidence put into this project by Orange.”


Presence-based messaging is a model which lends itself to the mobile environment. It enables users to describe their current ‘state’ (i.e. in a meeting, on holiday etc…) and allows prospective senders to make an informed decision about what they put in their message.

By integrating instant messaging across a range of platforms, Orange should be able to drive usage of profitable services such as SMS. Desktop users are accustomed to sending instant messages for free, but if one of these messages is received and replied to from a mobile device, Orange makes a sale.

This use of ‘presence’ can extend beyond visual messaging. Sonim is already experimenting with a presence-based solution for voice communication. In the not too distant future, it is possible that you will be able to browse your phone book and see ‘instant messaging-style’ icons next to each name to indicate the contact’s availability, device type and current communications preference.

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