Ordnance Survey sponsors MEX

Ordnance Survey sponsors MEX

Ordnance Survey logoOrdnance Survey, Britain’s mapping agency, is sponsoring MEX, the 2 day gathering dedicated to defining best practice and uncovering new ideas in digital experience.

The engagement aligns with a key MEX theme – the concept of location – and how technology is transforming the way people relate to their surroundings through digital touchpoints, maps and memories. In addition to a talk by Ben Scott-Robinson, Head of Interactive at Ordnance Survey, the topic will be explored through an in-depth MEX creative session.

Ben’s talk will share possibilities for the future of digital location and what he has learned so far about employing elegant simplicity, while the MEX creative session format brings together a facilitated team to define a set of design principles through 2 days of collaboration.

The 15th international edition of MEX is held in London on 24th – 25th March 2015. Find out more about MEX sponsorship.

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