Psion supports Windows CE in new Netpad

Psion Teklogix, the enterprise mobile computing business, has announced that it will offer a Windows CE version of its Netpad industrial tablet. Companies will also be able to specify integrated 802.11b and GPRS modems.

Psion is the largest shareholder in Symbian, the operating system venture which competes with Microsoft and others in the smartphones market. It was a vocal detractor of Windows CE while it was still in the consumer handheld business, but is now offering its enterprise customers a choice between the Microsoft and Symbian OS.

“By providing real-time wireless connectivity, Psion Teklogix is extending the functionality of the Netpad product line to meet the needs of mobile workers and enabling them to act on information in real-time from their point of activity,” said Joe Iarocci, director of mobile computing, Psion Teklogix. “The Netpad’s unique form factor and ability to withstand the wear and tear in the field make it an ideal tool to help businesses increase productivity, customer service levels and visibility of their supply chain.”


There have been plenty of articles in the UK press sounding the death knell of Symbian as rumours emerged that Psion, founder of the Symbian venture, was to offer a product running Windows CE. Such talk is nonsense. Psion inherited certain customer commitments when it bought the Teklogix enterprise mobile computing business and it is fulfilling its obligations by offering a full range of modern wireless solutions.

In time, it may be that the Symbian OS is wholly unsuitable for Teklogix’s requirements, although the netBook and Netpad ranges still have some life in them yet. Windows CE is a suitable replacement in the industrial mobile computing space. Symbian will not be losing much sleep over this as it prepares for the arrival of additional mass-market smartphone products.

Originally published by PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence, the subscription-based analysis and insight platform founded by Marek Pawlowski.

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