Simplifying the flow of creativity in iOS

“For those, like me at times, who want more tools or are used to tools available in desktop software, iOS now enables easy access to the editing functionality of third party apps…What is particularly striking here is that the app functionality appears to load directly in the Photos app.”

Continuing our series on pivoting between modes of consumption and creativity, Alex Guest has blogged a walk-through example, with screenshots, of how the structure of iOS enables a built-in app like Photos to pull functional modules from third party apps and embed them within its own UI.

This is an important principle of maintaining creative flow, enabling users to undertake creative acts without the cognitive break of leaving a familiar environment.

See Alex’s blog for the full story.

This is part of a series on the intersection between digital consumption and creativity by Alex Guest and Marek Pawlowski. To follow the forthcoming stream of articles, UI concepts and examples, track #uxintersection on Twitter, bookmark the ‘Intersection‘ category at or sign-up for the weekly email newsletter. More importantly, this is an invitation for you to get involved in the discussion – we’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for taking this topic forward.

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