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Telefonica Moviles is working with Musiwave, the mobile music specialist owned by Openwave, to launch an artist-based content service in Spain. Users will have ‘one click’ access to full track downloads, wallpapers, video tones and ringback tones from individual artists such as Madonna, Shakira, Depeche Mode, Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay.

Full track music services are now common across many operators, but Telefonica is one of the first to position the user experience around artist affiliation rather than offering a generic music portal. The idea is to encourage sales of additional content elements by capturing users’ attention while they are searching for a particular artist or band.

Unlike the desktop environment, where iTunes and other applications allow research and experimentation with music, the restricted interface of mobile devices limits the way in which users can explore. In the mobile environment, users are more likely to be seeking specific content, perhaps in response to hearing a track on the radio or seeing a billboard advertisement: the Telefonica service is designed to match this behaviour pattern.

Access will be via the operator’s Emoción portal or via text shortcode.

In other news, Musiwave also agreed an exclusive deal with Beyonce and Song BMG to sell the ringtone for the new ‘Ring the alarm’ album.

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