Sofanatics multi-platform experience for FC Barcelona

I was interested to hear Sofanatics, the multi-platform experience pioneer run by MEX speaker alumnus Toni Laturi, has agreed a partnership with FC Barcelona. The agreement sees FC Barcelona directing its fans (12m on Facebook alone) to Sofanatic’s service, where they can chat, share photos and run their own commentary during Barcelona’s games.

Sofanatics has designed the service from the ground up as a multi-platform experience, with the interaction taking place on a mobile device, while watching the game on a separate TV. The interface design was driven by these multi-platform requirements, which Laturi shared during his presentation at the December 2010 MEX.

It is an example of how designers will increasingly need to design for experiences which take place across multiple touchpoints, something highlighted in MEX Pathway #2, which continues at MEX on 4th/5th May 2011.

Sofanatics approach is particularly clever because it sidesteps the often difficult issue of content rights for football games, allowing users to watch the game on their TV as they would do normally, but adding an interaction mechanism which complements their viewing.

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