Some multi-surface inspiration

A while back we mentioned the London design agencies Berg and Dentsu and their use of the iPad for 3D light-painting. Since then they’ve put together an interesting study of media surfaces and their possible uses. This relates to Pathway #2 that will be discussed at the MEX event on 30 Nov – 01 Dec 2010, on using multiple screens in a mobile device.

The first video looks at incidental media on everyday surfaces, perhaps suggesting some of the passive content that might be displayed on a secondary mobile screen.

The second video investigates the media surfaces that are encountered on a train journey, demonstrating how content on media surfaces might relate to its context of consumption.


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    Marek Pawlowski

    The quiet approach of these examples is important and points to a new skill for designers in developing interfaces which allow for partial attention. It is particularly difficult to make quiet interfaces simultaneously playful and a credit to the team behind the videos that they’ve achieved this.

    Using physical, printed output as ‘freeze frames’ of a digital world is also inspiring.

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