Something for the weekend…

This week’s MEX newsletters prompted several interesting discussions.

Andy Tiller, CTO at Cognima, pointed me to Shozu, the consumer-facing service the company is offering to showcase Cognima’s seamless replication technology. Shozu shares photos between your handset and a number of blogging services, including Flickr. Future releases will support the Flickr comment stream as Shozu expand its community elements.

Julian Swallow, CEO at Mobrio, highlighted the work they have been doing with Mykindaplace, a Sky-owned company which provides a mobile blogging service aimed at teenage girls using the Mobrio platform.

Also worth a look is Netomat, which enables users to build their own community hubs on mobile and desktop using RSS feeds, messaging and picture uploads.

Philip Sugai, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Japan, sent a copy of his report on mobile content consumption, exposing the myth that the success of mobile internet services in Japan is due in large part to its unique cultural characteristics.

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