Sponsor profile: Flash Networks

Flash NetworksAs part of our ongoing series of articles to introduce you to our conference sponsors, we are delighted to welcome Flash Networks as a partner of the MEX conference.

Liam Galin, CEO of Flash Networks, commented: “Flash Networks is pleased to sponsor the PMN Mobile User Experience conference, which brings to the forefront the most crucial issue in mobile data: the user experience.” He continued, “Although it seems obvious, it’s astounding how little has been done to put the focus on what is really happening to the user. Operators need to take total responsibility for the end-to-end quality of service, and MEX puts the consumer in center stage. As a technology company focused on the total quality of experience, Flash Networks is pleased to see the focus moving beyond what technology can do to what technology should do. Now that the technological pieces are all in place, MEX is an open discussion on how to put those pieces together for a satisfying overall user experience.”

Liam will speak at the MEX conference in a session entitled: “Speed, coverage and quality of experience.”

Flash Networks is an expert in quality of experience for mobile data, providing solutions that answer the needs of operators who want to provide mobile data as a key part of their strategy. Flash Networks works together with its customer base to create solutions that leverage existing infrastructure to provide optimal use of the network and services.

Flash’s NettGain platforms are commercially deployed in over 40 top-tier wireless carriers worldwide, helping providers deliver the best possible user experience. The privately-held company was established in 1996.

We work closely with all the participants at MEX – sponsors, speakers and delegates – to ensure they get the most from the event. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities please contact Mark Hamilos at markhamilos@pmn.co.uk or on +44 (0)7748 684232.


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