TAT sponsors MEX

TATTAT, the user interface designer and platform provider, is sponsoring the MEX conference in London on 2nd/3rd May 2007. Based in Sweden and with offices in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the USA, TAT’s interfaces are built using its Cascades, Motion Lab and Kastor platforms. The company’s products have shipped on over 90 million devices since 2002 and it is working with four of the biggest mobile manufacturers.

Hampus Jakobsson, co-founder of TAT, explained why the company is supporting the event: “MEX is pretty much the only user interface conference which skips corporate and academic talk but instead focuses on reality.”

TAT will also speak during the panel session addressing point # 7 of the MEX manifesto, exploring how mobile experiences can only be tailored to the individual when personalisation is built into every level of the supply chain.

Find out more about TAT at www.tat.se.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities at MEX, please contact Mark Hamilos at markhamilos@pmn.co.uk or on +44 7748 684232.


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