The next MEX is coming. Get in touch to participate.

The next MEX is coming. Get in touch to participate.

30th November – 1st December 2011 | WallaceSpace, London

MEX is where 100 of the industry’s deepest thinkers gather to define the cutting edge of mobile user experience in 7 curated MEX Pathways.

There are 5 ways to get involved and everyone is welcome:

  1. Speaker: deliver the best presentation of your career.
  2. Facilitator: lead a team challenge with the industry’s brightest minds.
  3. Sponsor: engage the motivated, creative and international MEX community.
  4. Scholar: ICTKTN-supported places for students, freelancers and micro start-ups.
  5. Participant: 20 super early bird tickets with a very special benefit: buy 1, get 1 free.

There are currently opportunities in all of these areas, but the programme comes together very swiftly, so speed is of the essence if you’d like to be involved.

Have a read of the links and then get in touch with me to discuss. I look forward to welcoming as many as possible of you to the next MEX.

Marek Pawlowski
t: +44 7767 622957
tw: @marekpawlowski

> What to expect at MEX

Extracted from the MEX visual summaries

Short-cut to our photo gallery if you believe pictures are worth a thousand words. Or for those of a literary disposition:

Hosted at Wallacespace in London, the 10th international edition of MEX explores 7 mobile user experience Pathways. The expertly curated programme includes pre-event research materials, speaker sessions and facilitated workshops, summarised in a detailed post-event report.

MEX thrives on participation and is defined by the way in which every member of the community helps shape the outcome of the Pathways.

The 7 Pathways for the next MEX are:

The latest updates are always on the web-site.

P.S. Interested in the photos above? The first (the phone people) is from a creative exercise entitled ‘Hands-on and low-fi with the mobile user experience‘ we ran at the May 2010 MEX. The second (the sketch notes) is extracted from the 200+ page report of notes, sketches and videos every MEX participant receives after the event.

ICTKTN (ICT Knowledge Transfer Network)

Pathway sponsor

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