The next MEX: Pathways to the mobile UX horizon, 4/5th May 2011, London

Marek Pawlowski, founder, MEXThe MEX Blog may have been a little quiet recently but, behind the scenes, we’ve been working non-stop on a very special edition of the next MEX mobile user experience event.

On 4th – 5th May, we return to Wallacespace in London for the 9th international MEX, bringing together our most diverse and inspiring group of participants to-date: 100 of the deepest thinkers and brightest minds, from across numerous industries, united in creating new ideas for the future of mobile user experience.

I’m also delighted to welcome 3 leading MEX Pathway sponsors: the ICT KTN, Idean and Immersion, as well as Mobiwire as a supporting sponsor. I’ll be introducing the MEX community to all of them over the next few weeks.

We put together a little video to showcase what MEX is all about: you can find it on the MEX homepage.

The event explores 6 Pathways:

  • #1. Define more efficient user experience techniques for an age of network austerity
  • #2. Research the implications of multiple displays and inputs within a single experience
  • #4. Identify ways 3D input and output enrich the user experience
  • #7. Express sustainable values in user experience
  • #8. Inspire new forms of creative expression through mobile devices
  • #9. Enhance the audible dimension of mobile user experience

A few of the speakers and facilitators you’ll hear from:

  • Remy Bourganel, Head of User Experience, Orange Vallee
  • Risto Lahdesmaki, Chairmain, Idean
  • Ramona Liberoff, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Movirtu
  • David Birnbaum, User Experience Strategist, Immersion
  • Kirsti Lehitimaki, Independent User Experience Expert and former Head of User Experience at Elisa
  • Louisa Heinrich, Director of Global Strategy, Fjord
  • Peter Drescher, Independent Audio Expert, The Twittering Machine
  • Jerome Nadel, Executive Vice President of User Experience, Mobiwire
  • Mikko-Pekka Hanski, Co-Founder, Idean
  • Christopher Browne, Senior Design Technologist, Fjord
  • Tom Godber, CEO, Masabi
  • Giles Colborne, Managing Director, CX Partners
  • Andrew Muir Wood, Design Researcher, University of Cambridge
  • Jason DaPonte, Managing Director, The Swarm and former Managing Editor of BBC Mobile

There are 4 ways to get involved:

  1. Register to participate – there are just a few places remaining (£1499 each).
  2. Apply for a MEX Scholarship – sponsored places for early stage start-ups, freelancers and academics, kindly supported by the ICT KTN.
  3. Inspirational speakers – there are 2 speaking opportunities remaining, 1 on the 3D Pathway and the other on the sustainability Pathway. If you’d like inspire the MEX community, please contact me direct to discuss.
  4. Sponsors – please contact me direct if you’d like to learn more about becoming a MEX sponsor.
Marek Pawlowski
t: +44 7767 622957
tw: @marekpawlowski

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