Trusting the digital filters in front of our eyes

We do not see what we see, we see who we are. Seeing is never a passive act, the mind introduces filters which alter our perception. Perhaps fear of surveillance will give way to a recognition computers are more objective than humans? — Floris Van Eck, Services Valley, Canon’s innovation project, speaking at MEX14

As images – both created and observed – start to drive more of users’ engagements with the digital world, the way those images are processed and filtered will become more important. While humans may trust their own ‘minds eye’ recollection, the reality is that the digital eyes proliferating on smartphones, drones and CCTV will likely offer a more objective view of the world. What techniques can be employed to ensure users trust the process of digital image creation?

Extracted from the MEX14 report, a complete package of 20 session videos and 4500+ word summary of all the UX insights from the March 2014 MEX event, available to buy with instant access.

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