TubeTap helps users claim refunds for London Underground journeys

Page 42 of Transport for London’s Conditions of Carriage holds an interesting nugget of information: if your London Underground journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes for reason’s within TfL’s control, it will refund the cost of your single journey. According to the developers of TubeTap, a new application which helps users claim these refunds, travelers are owed an estimated £34 million a year by TfL, yet only £2 million is claimed.

The video above demonstrates TubeTap’s user experience. Users simply tap to start the clock when they begin their journey, choose their destination and tap to stop the clock when they arrive.

It was developed by Turned On Digital (best known for its Situationist app) and MEX alumnus Jason DaPonte’s agency The Swarm. MEX community members will remember Jason for his December 2010 keynote on MEX Pathway #2 and as leader of the Pathway #2 working sessions in both December 2010 and May 2011.

The app is available for iOS and costs £0.69 as an introductory price.

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