Update: Vodafone and customer service

Warren Allen’s comment on my article about Vodafone’s customer service reminded me that I should provide an update on what’s happened since…

Suffice to say I am now in possession of a fully working Vodafone 3G data card, linked to my existing account, just as I’d wanted.

The article, it seems, highlighted a problem Vodafone is already working hard to address. According to a senior source within the company, Vodafone is currently engaged in a major project to address its shortcomings in this area.

In my particular case, and the cynic in me would attribute this to my priveleged position as editor of an industry newsletter, the incident was passed to Vodafone’s ‘Director Support’ team. As far as I can gather, this is an internal troubleshooting team which looks after Vodafone’s own executives. After a brief phone call from a very helpful individual, my data card turned up the next day – free of charge.

The product itself – which is based on technology from PC card manufacturer Option – is excellent, just like Vodafone’s original GPRS Mobile Connect solution.

I can only hope Vodafone extends the same level of personal service I eventually received to all of its customers.

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