Video – Samsung phone for the outdoors, 62 days battery life

This Samsung E2370 handset is designed for the outdoors, with a chunky rubber case and protection against water and dust. However, its unique feature is 62 days of standby battery life from a huge 2000 mAh battery. It also boasts 22 hours of talk time. Interesting to see how Samsung is targeting a very specific segment of users, such as those who undertake lengthy expeditions or live in areas where power outlets are few and far between.

There is a sister device which offers slightly lower battery life, but adds additional protection against water, making it fully waterproof rather than just water resistant.

That said, the ruggedised handset segment continues to be under-addressed by the industry. I am yet to see a phone – this Samsung included – which strikes a good balance between capabilities, durability and usability. Speaking from my own experience of trying to use mobile phones while biking, running, skiing and kayaking, there are many features I would like access to in these environments, ranging from maps for tracking location and mileage, entertainment content when you’re sleeping in a tent and access to the web for weather forecasts.

However, none of the ruggedised products on the market have such an advanced feature set. Ruggedised has become a byword for simple. Which manufacturer will come forward and deliver the capabilities outdoor enthusiasts want in the mobile environment, wrapped in a form factor sufficiently durable to survive?

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