Video: Toni Laturi’s #mexsession on multi-touchpoint UX for sports fans

Building multi-touchpoint experiences which unfold across several screens – from TVs to smartphones – challenges designers to think about what happens in the conceptual gaps between devices. It requires a different approach to user research and interface design, acknowledging the way user attention splits between multiple screens simultaneously. Toni Laturi, at the time CEO of Sofanatics – an early stage venture building multi-screen sports experiences – explains how his team approached the design process.

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  • Multi screen solutions can be built on widely available technology.
  • Though the context is shared, the solutions running on the screens can be completely independent.
  • The user changes his focus according to the most interesting content.
  • Different screens can have different ways of interaction.
  • The events happening on multiple screens can be experienced by various methods, i.e. sound and haptic perception, in addition to the visual experience.

Recorded at MEX/8, November 2010

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