Vodafone, Sky rumoured to be in talks

SkyTV and Vodafone are in talks concerning the delivery of TV content to 3G phones, it is rumoured. Sky, who have been highly successful with sport, entertainment and news delivery, could supply news and sports clips to Vodafone’s 3G subscribers, if the rumours are true.

Written by Europemedia.net for PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence.


2G WAP services failed for many reasons, but a lack of compelling content is high on the list. 3G operators, particularly in Western Europe, are taking steps to avoid a repeat of this scenario. Users will want to access high value content from recognised brand names, hence Hutchison’s deals with the BBC, Premier League and Ordanance Survey.

A succession of major global alliances between network operators and leading content providers is just around the corner. Everyone is talking to everyone at the moment, but Vodafone and Sky, given their respective leadership positions, seems as reasonable a deal as any.

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