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These videos, presentations and breakout groups were filmed at MEX in London on 19th / 20th May 2009. There is a wealth of content here, enabling you to keep up-to-date with cutting edge techniques and best practice from the comfort of your desk. It is split into 8 Manifesto areas, with each section containing a number of videos, presentations, background research and stats.

If you like what you see, please register to attend our next MEX Conference in London on 2nd/3rd December 2009 and take part yourself.


  • 10+ hours of video – including every presentation and all of the results from the breakout sessions
  • Insights from 13 keynote speakers, 9 facilitators and 100 breakout participants during 2 days of creative brainstorming
  • Slides from every presentation – slides are embedded in the videos and provided as separately-viewable documents
  • All of the MEX Manifesto content – including background research on 8 key mobile user experience themes, metrics and links to further reading in the MEX archives

Watch the videos >>

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