Welcoming ICTKTN as a MEX Pathway sponsor

Welcoming ICTKTN as a MEX Pathway sponsor


The ICT Knowledge Transfer Network (ICTKTN) facilitates economic development in the UK by encouraging links and learning between organisations in the technology sector. The network is free and an extremely useful resource for anyone working in this area – if you’re not already a member, I can thoroughly recommend joining.

The ICTKTN first participated at MEX in 2009 under the auspices of its predecessor, the Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network (the ICTKTN brings together both the DCKTN and DSKTN). It has been involved in every MEX event since then and returns on the 4th/5th May 2011 as both a MEX Pathway sponsor and supporter of the MEX Scholarship programme.

The Scholarship programme helps small companies and individuals who are rich in ideas but short on budget to participate at MEX. It has also brought interesting new ideas and participants into the MEX community who might not otherwise have become involved.

Scholarships for May 2011 have already been allocated, but applications for the December 2011 event are open.

Eddie Murphy of the ICTKTN stated: “We have been keen supporters of MEX for the last three years. It is a high-quality event focused on where value is created in mobile communications. We are delighted to help to ensure that our smaller member companies get a chance to participate in such a stimulating forum.”

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