Welcoming Idean as a MEX Pathway sponsor


I’m delighted to announce Idean, the highly respected Finnish user experience company, is a Pathway sponsor for the next MEX on 4th/5th May 2011 in London.

Idean attended the very first MEX event in 2005 and has a long association with the MEX community. It is a particular pleasure to welcome them back 6 years later as one of our key event sponsors.

I’ve always been impressed how Idean combines a deep understanding of mobile with a commitment to pushing the boundaries of multi-platform user experience design into other industries. The team share the MEX belief in deriving value from cross-industry insight and encouraging diverse knowledge among their staff.

Risto Lahdesmaki, Chairman of Idean, will respond to several MEX Pathway areas in his speaking session. In addition, Mikko-Pekka Hanski, co-founder of Idean, will lead the working team on Pathway #8, exploring new forms of creative expression on mobile devices in a series of breakout sessions over the 2 days.

Mikko-Pekka Hanski explained why they are joining as sponsors: “It has been exciting to follow the success of MEX and how it has become the true creative and insight creation event for the industry. Idean is happy to take part and we are looking forward to deep conversations, new connections and provocative thoughts from the 2011 event. Since we are there, why don’t you join us?”

Please visit Idean for further information or see the MEX site for details of the event on 4th/5th May 2011.

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