Welcoming Tribal Worldwide as a MEX/16 patron

Tribal Worldwide

I’m delighted to welcome a new MEX/16 patron, Tribal Worldwide, as a supporter of our event on 12th/13th October in London.

Jonathan Lovatt-Young, Tribal’s Head of Service and Experience Design, will also give a talk at MEX/16 on strategies for managing user interruptions.

The notion of how we understand, respect and interact with users’ attention spans is fundamental to the future of digital experience design. Under the working title ‘Is time the new enemy?’, Jonathan’s talk draws on 17 years experience shaping digital for brands such as Asda, Argos, BT, UEFA, O2, National Rail and recent service design work for Volkswagen.

To find out more about opportunities for MEX/16 supporters, please contact Marek Pawlowski (mp@pmn.co.uk or +44 7767 622957).

This is part of a series of articles introducing the supporters of MEX/16: Hidden paths to better user experience, our 16th international MEX in London on 12th/13th October.

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