What’s your answer to the big #mex15 UX question?

What’s the most important user experience innovation the tech industry should focus on today to change the way humans’ use digital 4 years from now?

Please post your reply as a comment below (jump to comments section).

Every year I ask my network a question like this to find out what’s your top priority for digital user experience. It helps me keep MEX, the journal & conference for improving user experience, on the right track in delivering our programme of education and new thinking.

I’ll summarise the answers over the next few weeks and share back an overview to everyone who responds.


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    Marek Pawlowski

    One of the first responses I had by email focused on finding the right balance between experiences which are supportive of users’ actions, rather than intrusive. They cited the difference between subtly notifying the user of which trains are available for their journey rather than deciding for them. It led on to a discussion about how the vast majority of digital interactions in users’ lives will be invisible – just boring, utilitarian things happening in the background they don’t need or want to know about – but that a select few – the tip of the iceberg – will capture the users’ attention. The difficult part is deciding into which category each specific interaction falls and how that differs from user to user.

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