Wind power for mobile devices

Wind power for mobile devices

Eole from JulienM on Vimeo.

This elegant concept design by Julien Moise may be some way from technical reality, but it raises interesting questions about how alternative power methods could convey sustainable values in the user experience of mobile devices.

The word ‘sustainability’ is often associated with compromise and the customer accepting ‘less’ while being expected to pay ‘more’. Designs such as this suggest positive ways in which renewable power sources could express active statements of user intent and identity within a product.

Julien Moise EOLE watch

While Moise’s design is for a watch, it is easy to imagine this crossing over into phones, with users blowing the turbine to illuminate the idle screen status display or clock.

It picks up on the themes of MEX Pathway #7 (‘Express sustainable values in user experience‘) discussed as the recent MEX event in London.

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(Via Yanko Design).

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