Wireless Knowledge acquires Mobilocity staff, expertise

Wireless Knowledge, Qualcomm’s enterprise wireless solutions provider, has acquired key staff members and the intellectual property assets of Mobilocity, a boutique consultancy.

Mobilocity, established in 1999, expanded rapidly to become one of the most prominent wireless consultancy businesses in the US. In September 2000 it received $21m in funding from a consortium of high profile investors, including two of its key customers, J P Morgan and Siemens. The firm has been exploring its strategic options for restructuring over the last few months and it now appears the company will be dissolved, with many senior members of staff joining Wireless Knowledge. Led by Mobilocity founder and Chairman Omar Javaid, the staff will form the core of Wireless Knowledge’s strategic consulting business. Wireless Knowledge will also gain access to Mobilocity Mobility Lab, a research facility established to develop and test new wireless technologies.

“Omar Javaid is a recognised thought leader and industry veteran, and we anticipate distinctive contributions in his new role as chief technologist at Wireless Knowledge,” said Eric Schultz, Chairman and CEO, Wireless Knowledge. “Omar’s expertise will be instrumental in driving the evolution of our Strategic Services division into a preeminent mobile consulting organisation.” Omar Javaid said: “Wireless Knowledge is uniquely positioned to drive the next stage of growth and adoption in the mobile market. Wireless Knowledge has successfully amassed the key components for success with a combination of world-class consulting, award winning technology and strong financial backing. I look forward to leveraging this unique position to apply the mobile strategies and applications that help enterprises improve organisational efficiency, streamline operations and solve strategic issues.”


Mobilocity, which once beat one of the loudest drums in the wireless consultancy industry, appears to have succumbed to contracting markets in the US. That a well-funded venture with a significant number of high profile clients and a powerful brand cannot survive in the current environment does not bode well for the large number of wireless consultancy boutiques which sprang up over the last two years. Some will probably be acquired by global full service consultancies, most likely reuniting ambitious founders with the old colleagues they left behind when setting up on their own.

Mobilocity’s executives have found an interesting niche with Wireless Knowledge. Qualcomm has ample funds to invest in building the venture into a strategic player in the enterprise wireless solutions business. Qualcomm’s decision to continue supporting the venture after its fouding partner Microsoft withdrew suggests that its comprehensive Workstyle product for delivering wireless services to corporate customers is selling well.

Originally published by PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence, the subscription-based analysis and insight platform founded by Marek Pawlowski.

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