Wireless power startup prepares for launch

MobileWise Inc., a start-up poised to revolutionise electric power delivery to mobile devices by creating the first safe wire-free electric power technology today expanded its executive team, and announced that it would formally unveil its first product offering on September 30 at the Power2002 conference in Los Angeles. Joining the Mobile Wise team are Izhar Matzkevich as vice president of marketing, and P. ‘Ramki’ Ramakrishnan as vice president of operations and services.

MobileWise solves the ‘Last Wire Problem’ – the need to regularly plug a mobile computing device to an electric power source. The company’s technology empowers mobile users with a convenient, efficient, and productive way to charge and power mobile devices.

“I am very pleased to have Izhar and Ramki on our executive team,” says Andy Goren, CEO of MobileWise, “this dynamic duo will put us in a great position as we gear up to shipping our product early Q4 this year.”

Written by MobileWise PR for PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence.


The news flow from MobileWise has recalled somewhat the heady days of Silicon Valley prior to the bubble bursting in 2000. It has been operating in so-called ‘stealth mode’, issuing a few select releases to build interest in the company prior to the official launch of its products.

It is addressing a potentially lucrative opportunity – a solution to the power restrictions which continue to limit the mobility of users. As manufacturers shoe-horn more features into smaller and smaller form-factors, power technology will increasingly be under the spotlight. MobileWise remains tight-lipped on the exact nature of its product, but it is known to be working with major Far Eastern consumer electronics manufacturers introduced through its venture capitalist – South Asian Associates.

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