4 days ’til MEX – a preview of the mobile user experience conference

> Inspiring speakers


You’ll hear from 22 of the most eloquent, provocative and informed speakers we could find.

> A blueprint for better mobile user experience


MEX is based around a 15-point Manifesto, challenging the industry to redefine the cutting edge of mobile and multi-platform user experience.

> In-depth design challenges


Everyone at MEX is assigned to a team and works with their team members during the breakout sessions to solve a user experience challenge. The teams are led by MEX-appointed expert facilitators, who will guide you through the process. Each group is also supported by a pair of illustrators to help visualise ideas.

> A collective response


All the presentations and ideas shared at MEX are combined to create a collective response to the Manifesto. After the event, all participants receive a complete package of videos, slides and sketches.

> An environment for thinking, relaxing and networking


MEX is hosted at Wallacespace, a venue designed to provide all the ingredients for creating new ideas: natural light, interesting architecture, healthy brain food and the highest standards of personal service.

> The 2010 MEX Awards reception


We’ll be announcing the winners of the 2010 MEX Awards at a special evening reception on 19th May. It starts immediately after the conference and all MEX participants are already on the guest list. There’ll be a summer BBQ, drinks and some great conversation.

> Some surprises

What would the MEX logo look like if it was made from 100 phones?

Ever wondered what the MEX logo would look like if it was made from 100 phones? 🙂 We always like to have one or two surprises at MEX to help people think creatively. You’ll like what we have planned for the opening session of the conference.

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