Handango, WideRay to deliver retail solutions

Handango, the mobile applications retailer, has announced that it will work with WideRay to deliver a point-of-sales solution to retail outlets.

WideRay has developed an infrared access point for downloading content to Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. The two companies will work together to create kiosks which can be deployed on the shop floor and provide access to Handango’s library of some 20,000 mobile applications. Users will be able to purchase the software and have it instantly downloaded to their mobile device. WideRay’s technology can also deliver ringtones, logos and electronic coupons. It is currently being updated to support Symbian smartphones.

“WideRay adds an exciting new way for customers to access Handango AMPP,” said Laura Rippy, chief executive officer at Handango. “Now users can experience the breadth of content we have to offer at the point-of-sale, exposing them to mobile software in new and unique ways.” Saul Kato, chief executive officer at WideRay, added: “Our partnership with Handango creates an exciting turnkey solution for on-location software distribution. Together we are able to deliver a product that is not only great for consumers but will also help drive in-store traffic and real revenue to retailers.”


Traditional retail outlets account for a substantial percentage of handheld software sales, especially in Northern America. Although virtually everyone who owns a handheld device also has an internet connection, it seems there is still something reassuring about buying a box off the shelf. This solution will combine a traditional retail experience with Handango’s extensive electronic archives of handheld software, enabling stores to offer a range which would be impossible to accomodate in boxed format. It will be interesting to see whether Hangango and WideRay can persuade a big computing retailer such as CompUSA to deploy the system.

Originally published by PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence, the subscription-based analysis and insight platform founded by Marek Pawlowski.

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