Hutchison 3G planning ‘phased rollout’

UK UMTS licensee Hutchison 3G has revealed that it is planning to start offering its first next-generation services in the coming weeks, although a company spokesperson has refused to label the process as a ‘launch’.

According to Dow Jones Newswires, Hutchison will be receiving its first batch of 3G handsets on 2nd October, although they would not say from which supplier. The company will then begin a ‘phased rollout’ shortly afterwards, with service availability increasing gradually as networks are switched on and more and more handsets are shipped to retailers.

Hutchison spokesperson Matt Peacock told Dow Jones: “It’s a misnomer to talk about a launch. Internally we are describing it as a phased rollout, rather than a launch. It is a building process rather than a big bang.”

Written by BWCS for PMN Mobile Industry Intelligence.


Hutchison is prudent to do whatever it can to play down expectations ahead of its launch, although PMN suspects this will do little to dampen the media frenzy when the first 3G handset hits UK high street. Whatever it may say beforehand, Hutchison is planning a launch of some sort and these statements are more likely intended to give it some breathing room in the event of unforseen technical difficulties.

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